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  • Download QuickBooks for Desktop 
  • Install QuickBooks for Desktop 
  • QuickBooks Installation Issues  
  • Register and Activate your QuickBooks software 

Download QuickBooks For Desktop 

To Download of Update version of your QuickBooks your call follow this link. Above link is only valid for USA customers . Follow the instructions as its shown in the images:


QuickBooks Pro technical Support

This screen would allow you to choose version of QuickBooks

install QuickBooks

On this screen you choose year

Update QuickBooks


Since QuickBooks available in so many countries and if you are from Canada and Looking to download canadian version of QuickBooks . Intuit allow Canadian customer to sign up for trial version of QuickBooks.

Follow these links for the trial version of QuickBooks:

Download QuickBooks UK version

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 UK version 

  • Full version of QuickBooks UK

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 

  • Trial version of QuickBooks UK version

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 + Payroll Trail 


QuickBooks Download FAQ’s

People often have lots of Questions related to download QuickBooks you may find some of your questions answered here.

  • Q: Where to find my Licence number and the Product key to download QuickBooks ?
  • A: If you are download QuickBooks for the first time and don’t know how to find Licence Number and Product key? If you have signed up for QuickBooks recently then you probably check your registered Email for Licence number or Product key. If you got CD to download QuickBooks you may have that mention on media for download. And if you are QuickBooks Pro-Advisor and unable to find you QuickBooks product or licence number may check your online accountant account for that.
  • Q: What if I would just like to update the latest version of QuickBooks ?
  • A: If you want to update you QuickBooks for the latest version click on Download QuickBooks Update link.
  • Q: Why I am unable to find older version to download for QuickBooks ?
  • A: Some of the older version are not support for Intuit but if you want to download or need help with older versions of QuickBooks You call us at 1800 910 6880.

Install QuickBooks Pro on Desktop 

  1. Download QuickBooks using any alternative if you got download Link on your registered Email then you can proceed with that. Or if you have CD/DVD you can use for download QuickBooks Pro. Or if you are looking for QuickBooks Pro Download Page link then open this page .
  2. Once you Click on Download option QuickBooks .exe file will download into your downloads default location. This file is Executable all you need to do just click on this .exe file to run.
  3. If are an Existing user this may ask you to overwrite the Existing file then Click On yes and proceed but if you are new user you can follow instructions accordingly.
  4. Once you click on next installation windows  will show you licence agreement please Click on I agree and proceed.
  5. On next screen QuickBooks Installer window will ask you to enter your Licence number and Product key please enter credential to proceed.
  6. Now its going to Give you to installtion option Express or Custom make your choice accordingly. If you want to share your data file among other users on network then you can customize installation or else proceed with Express settings.
  7. Once the installation Finished QuickBooks will give you an option to create company file.

QB Installation  FAQ’s

  • Q: How can I update my QuickBooks Company file for Latest version of QuickBooks Pro?
  • A: If you are existing user for QuickBooks Pro and want to update your company file for the latest version , Just don’t worry. Because QuickBooks does it automatically .
  • Q: I am an accountant using multiple versions of QuickBooks can merge all my company file onto single software?
  • A: Well that not possible if you have multiple versions of the QuickBooks you can user them accordingly but QuickBooks won’t allow you to merge company file from different versions.
  • Q: How can I move my QuickBooks and My QuickBooks Company