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QuickBooks Pro 2007 was launched in the end of Year 2006 but this software got thumbs up form lots of small and medium business owners.This was the era of Accounting software got noticed by billions of accounting professionals for the first time.People were getting revolutionize and amazed with this application. For consultative three years QuickBooks became one of the best innovative application in the world.  QuickBooks Pro 2007 came up with lots of updated feature and with more stability. Even though still there were some critics just glaring about flaw. QuickBooks Pro 2007 is available for windows  and Mac both users. QuickBooks pro 2007 is much more faster as compare QuickBooks Pro 2005,QuickBooks Pro 2006.

Why QuickBooks Pro is the best choice for small businesses ?

QuickBooks Pro is one of the first choice by the user among all three versions. Specially for small businesses is just nerve of accounting. Let me tell you why? Because this software much more cheaper as compare to other versions which saves lots of money for user. Another reason is for small businesses lots people are sole proprietors and they don’t have employees for Ex. Either they are small contractors,Small Brokers,Small Retailers since they don’t have lots of employees they just prefer QuickBooks pro for cost saving option.Why not,still you get all accounting automation in just affordable price.

QuickBooks Pro 2007 Computer System Requirement for Mac and Windows

For Windows : Minimum requirement for Pentium 2 or 3 processor along with 1 GB to 512 MB ram. Storage requirement is just 1 GB for you will have full space for your accounting.

For Mac : Power PC G3 processor with 256 MB of ram and 100 MB of hard drive space. Operating system to run is Apple MacOS X 10.4.7 or later.

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